Thursday, January 28, 2010

Franz Ferdinand (Self Titled Album)

This is another album that I happened upon in the used CD section at Grey Whale. I loved their newest CD so I thought I'd try out their old one and I love it too! You've gotta keep an eye out in the Used CD section, you can find some real gems!

Here is the track list:

1. "Jacqueline"
2. "Tell Her Tonight"
3. "Take Me Out"
4. "The Dark of the Matinée"
5. "Auf Achse"
6. "Cheating on You"
7. "This Fire"
8. "Darts of Pleasure"
9. "Michael"
10. "Come on Home"
11. "40'"

My favorite song on the album is "Take Me Out", listen to it HERE

Monday, January 25, 2010

Justin Timberlake - Justified

Wandering around Grey Whale the other day, I happened across Justin's first CD, Justified. I'm a sucker for CDs, so I snagged it.

I loved his second album, Future Sex Love Sounds, so I that for $5? Why not. I listened to it over the weekend while I cleaned the house, and it definitely kept me going (and dancing)!

I love "Cry Me A River"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Linkin Park - Not Alone

After Linkin Park heard of the disaster that happened in Haiti, they resurrected a song they started three years ago called "Not Alone". It is available to download only and encourages fans to donate to the Haiti relief. It is a great song, it's one of their softer songs, which I love!

Linkin Park, along with Alanis Morissette, All-American Rejects, Dave Matthews Band, Enrique Iglesias, Hoobastank, Peter Gabriel, and others have all contributed to the "Download to Donate for Haiti" compilation.

Go to "Music For Relief" to download the album. 100% of the funds will help fund various Haiti Relief organizations.

Read more about it here

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nelly Furtado - Whoa Nelly!

This was Nelly's debut album, before she went all hip hop on us. Which isn't a bad thing, I'm just sayin. This album is a mix of ethic, folk, and pop. You will probably recognize her song "I'm like a bird" which was one of the popular songs played on the radio.

Track List:

1. Hey, Man!
2. ....On The Radio (Remember The D...
3. Baby Girl
4. Legend
5. I'm Like A Bird
6. Turn Off The Light
7. Trynna Finda Way
8. Party
9. Well, Well
10. My Love Grows Deeper Part 1
11. I Will Make U Cry
12. Scared Of You

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

I love old school Smashing Pumpkins. This album came out in 1993 and was SP's breakthrough album. I'm sure everyone has heard "Today" and "Disarm", they are classics! By listening to the first 2 tracks of the CD, "Cherub Rock" & "Quiet", you may be thinking the CD is all grungy but as you listen further it's really anti-grunge.

Here is the full track list:

1. Cherub Rock
2. Quiet
3. Today
4. Hummer
5. Rocket
6. Disarm
7. Soma
8. Geek U.S.A.
9. Mayonaise
10. Spaceboy
11. Silverfuck
12. Sweet Sweet
13. Luna

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Piano: The Collection - Tori Amos

Oh my God, there is so much music here I don't even know where to start. Yes Jeanne, 5 CDs is a lot to take in!

My husband gave this to me for Christmas and it wasn't easy to find! I just LOVE the packaging for this collection, look how gorgeous.

It even has Bösendorfer written on the side, which Tori has named the best piano in the world. These pianos follow Tori everywhere!

“All I knew was -- when I touched her -- that she became my friend. And it's not as if it were one piano, it's any Bösendorfer seems to have some kind of um, understanding. They can speak, and they can listen. And I think, when you play them, you become an extension. They give you the opportunity to, anyway. If you don't choose to have a relationship -- an affair -- with them, then that is your loss, I guess.” -Tori Amos

I've never played on a Bösendorfer but I hope to some day. You know, when I'm rich and can afford a 9 foot grand piano!! *drooling*

This collection has everything including 10 previously unreleased tracks along with some alternate takes of a few Tori classics. There are 5 CDs with 86 tracks and it also includes a book about the songs and albums.

It even had a few songs the I have NEVER heard before:

Flying Dutchman
Take Me With You
If I Walk To Dublin
Not David Bowie
Zero Point
Dolphin Song
Ode To My Clothes

Here's the complete tracklist:

Disc A

1. Leather (Alternate Mix)
2. Precious Things (Alternate Mix)
3. Silent All These Years
4. Upside Down
5. Crucify (Unedited Single Version)
6. Happy Phantom
7. Me And A Gun
8. Flying Dutchman (Alternate Mix)
9. Girl
10. Winter
11. Take To The Sky (Russia)
12. Tear In Your Hand
13. China
14. Sweet Dreams
15. Mother (Alternate Mix)
16. Little Earthquakes

Disc B

1. Cornflake Girl
2. Honey
3. Take Me With You
4. Baker Baker (Alternate Mix)
5. Waitress (Alternate Mix)
6. Pretty Good Year
7. God
8. Cloud On My Tongue
9. Past The Mission (Alternate Mix)
10. Bells For Her
11. Yes Anastasia (Alternate Mix)
12. Blood Roses
13. Mr Zebra
14. Caught A Lite Sneeze (Alternate Mix)
15. Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version – Live)
16. Beauty Queen/Horses
17. Father Lucifer
18. Marianne

Disc C

1. Walk To Dublin (Sucker Reprise)
2. Hey Jupiter (Dakota Version)
3. Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix)
4. Putting The Damage On
5. Bliss (Remixed Version)
6. Suede
7. Glory Of The 80s
8. 1000 Oceans
9. Concertina (Single Remix Version)
10. Lust
11. Datura
12. Sugar (Live from sound check)
13. Waitress (Live)
14. Snow Cherries From France
15. Doughnut Song (Remixed Version)

Disc D

1. Sorta Fairytale
2. Not David Bowie
3. Amber Waves
4. Iieee (Remixed Version)
5. Playboy Mommy (Remixed Version)
6. Beekeeper
7. Jackie's Strength
8. Zero Point
9. Sweet The Sting
10. Ode To My Clothes
11. Spark
12. Intro Jam/Marys Of The Sea
13. Cruel (Remixed Version)
14. Dolphin Song
15. Gold Dust

Disc E

1. Pool
2. Never Seen Blue
3. Daisy Dead Petals
4. Beulah Land
5. Sugar
6. Cooling
7. Bachelorette
8. Black Swan
9. Mary (Tales Version)
10. Peeping Tommi
11. Toodles Mr Jim
12. Fire Eater's Wife/Beauty Queen (Demo)
13. Playboy Mommy (Demo)
14. Sorta Fairytale (Demo)
15. This Old Man
16. Purple People
17. Here In My Head
18. Hungarian Wedding Song
19. Merman
20. Sister Janet
21. Home On The Range
22. Frog On My Toe

If you are a Tori Lover, this boxed set IS A MUST! What are you waiting for?

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Beatles - Revolver

Another remastered Beatles album that I just HAD to buy!